coin snatch cold hands

No Coin Snatching in the Freezing Cold

by Kip Pascal

No Coin Snatching in the Cold

In some of the special articles for subscribers to my other ezine, Martial Arts Mastery, we discuss practicing in the cold, let’s talk about cold hands.

If your hands are freezing, then punching could be painful … to you!

The colder your hands, the more you’ll concentrate on larger, less precise movements. If your hands are too cold to get a grip, then don’t even bother trying. Go back to some of our recent issues of Martial Arts Mastery — think shin kicks, elbow strikes, and other movements that don’t involve finger or fist dexterity.

And speaking of finger dexterity …

Standing out in the freezing cold is NOT the time to practice coin snatching:

* Your participant might be too jittery from the cold.* You’ll have a harder time moving fast in the cold.

* The cold seems to exaggerate telegraphing motions.

* The demonstration doesn’t seem as effective if your success can be partially attributed to your participant’s lack of feeling in his or her hands.


If you want to impress people with your raw, coin-snatching speed, then follow the detailed guidelines in the book of the best place and time to snatch or switch a coin.
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