Keith Pascal

Are You Keith Pascal or Kip Pascal?


Good question …

Actually, I am both.Don’t worry, I don’t have a personality disorder (at least, not that I know of). I am just one person.My real name is Keith Pascal. My parents gave me that name at birth, and that’s my real, honest-to-goodness name.It’s also the name that I use when I publish martial arts articles, ebooks, and books. So, the martial arts world knows me as Keith Pascal.

Where does the Kip come into play?

Kip is my nickname. K.I.P. are my initials.It’s the name that my friends and family use. People around Eugene, Oregon also know me as Kip.And, for some strange reason, magicians and the magic world seem to prefer Kip. (I don’t know; does it sound more like a magician’s name than “Keith”?)

I respond to both

I don’t really pay attention to who is calling me what.But others seem to worry about offending or getting it wrong. That’s why I posted this explanation.Call me whichever you feel comfortable using … Kip or Keith.Sincerely,

“Kipeith” (Just kidding!)