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Coin Snatching Review by Jamie D. Grant

Hi all,

When I was younger I remember renting a VCR from our local 7-11 (it came in a case the size of small residence. The VCR, not the 7-11…) and 1 movie that all of us kids watched over and over.

That movie, as much as Id like to deny it, was Jean Claude Van Damme’s ‘Bloodsport.’ In the movie there were 2 things that took place that we wished we could do at any cost. One was to hit a stck of bricks and only break the bottom one. The other was the ability to snatch a coin out of someone else’s hand…

I’m not sure where I learned it from. I think I must have bugged every one I knew until I ran across someone that knew how it was done (a complete fluke because after 15 years of doing this I have Never known anyone else to do it…)

But although I learned how to grab the coin, I was never able to switch it like in the movie.

I’ve been performing my Coin Grab for years- long before I was a competent magician and, to be honest, it completely floors people. It’s 100% impromptu, it’s fun, people love it, and people are impressed by it. All that and I didn’t even switch anything, I just took the coin.

I can’t tell you the excitement I felt when I came across Keith Pascal’s book site,

I didn’t think for 1 seond of whether I would buy it or not, I didn’t even look at th price. Here was a guy willing to teach the Holy Grail-the switch.

I realize that a few people here on the Café were having some fun and talking about how an entire book be written about snatching a coin. And, I admit, unless you’ve seen it, it might seem funny. I mean, you’re just taking a coin, right? Well, when was the last time you asked someone to hold on to a dime, raise your hand six inches above theirs, grab the dime before they can close their fist, and when they opened their fist they’re holding onto a penny…

It is a Miracle. Pure and Simple.

To any of the naysayers, I encourage you to give this some serious thought. I have absolutely nothing to do with this book. I’d never even heard of Kip before, but if I had known he had existed, I would have gone across the States (a la Dai Vernon in search of the Centre Deal)in a heartbeat to learn what he knows.

So that, of course, is the next question:

Is the book any good?

Without hesitation, I give this 10/10.

Kip has obviously been a teacher and it shows. The book is entertaining, informative, and well laid out (I believe the Café’s own Lee Asher was involved in the layout.)

I can’t praise it enough.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been obsessed with this trick since I was a kid but this book goes into my prized possession section. I’m excited for those of you who are in ,or are going to be in, ‘the know.’ I’d love to talk to you about it and trade stories.

And for those of you who don’t learn this feat, ask me to take a coin out of your hand if you see me, you’ll be suprised…

Take Care,

Jamie D. Grant

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