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Hi, My name is Kip Pascal., and I am the editor of The Magic Mentor.The Magic Mentor is a free ezine for magicians who want to:

improve their reputationscreate tighter routines

become classier

get more shows

command high fees

be perceived as one of the best, if not the best, performers in your community

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I don’t represent a magic shop, so this ezine isn’t some excuse for shoving a bunch of mediocre tricks down your throat.I respect you more than that.

You also won’t find 3rd-party ads in this ezine for Internet magic companies or magic shops, because I know I wouldn’t appreciate wading through a bunch of advertisements to get to the articles. So, you don’t have to either.


Note:I do mention one of my own magic projects at the bottom of each issue, for your convenience, and because … well … I am proud of them.

You’ll notice a small mention of Coin Snatching in the present issues.

I hope you don’t mind 😉

Finally, we really will respect your privacy. We will never sell, trade, or give out your name or email address. We hate SPAM, too!


Are Magicians Smarter than Martial Artists?

Not only do I write magic articles and books, but I am also a full-time martial-arts writer (I go by ‘Keith’ Pascal, in the world of martial arts.)Believe it or not, almost 1/2 of the martial artists who sign up for the other ezine I edit, never bother to confirm their subscriptions.

Almost half!

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