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A Unique Magician

by “Kip” Pascal

If you are into magic, then you know that there are more magicians around than ever before.

Magicians are becoming a “dollar” a dozen.

I used to feel that if you were a competent magician, then any time you were in the presence of lay people, they should go away thinking you were the most miraculous magician on Earth.

All magicians had the ability to convince their audience that they could do something impossible — that no other could perform.

Not so any more.

It’s getting harder to impress.


A New Strategy for Fame

In Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, I propose a different strategy.Don’t present this skill as a magic trick. Treat it for what it is … you are actually stealing the coin from the participant’s hand.

I’ll show you exactly when to bring in the element of surprise. You will completely astound your audience.

Once you know how to present a skill instead of a trick, you’ll discover the best time to perform your feat. Believe it or not, subtle is better.

There are so many ways to get someone else to lead into the subject for you. Avoid shoving your skill at others and they will appreciate you all the more.

I’ll coach you in how to get others to do the preparation work for you, and they don’t even know they are helping you out.


A Chapter Just For Magicians

Besides chapters on reputation building, plenty of anecdotes and patter lines, and different methods with different effects, you get a chapter specifically for magicians.I won’t abandon you. Don’t treat this like just another coin trick. Use all of the advice in the book. Take notes on presentation. Use your favorite coin snatch or switch to build your reputation.

Spectators will once again believe that you possess special skills after years of practice. They will think there is no other like you.

Take a peek inside with descriptions of each chapter …Order “Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder”.

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