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Better Punches, Now! is all about how to punch harder, faster, and more effectively. You get free articles, ebooklets, and a few special offers. Plus, you get a Free Ebook on Devastating Punches, when you sign up. has an ezine that gives you the edge in practical self defense. If you want the advantage, this is the ezine for you. Practical martial-arts ebook gift, when you join.

 Martial Arts Mastery is one of the longest-runnning ezines on the Net. Always practical — sometimes a little advanced — sometimes a little basic. Always entertaining (if I do say so myself). Enough said.

 Still Absorbing: Bruce Lee and JKD is for the Bruce Lee enthusiast. In 1985, I earned my certificate of instruction in Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s art) from an original Bruce Lee student. And ever since then …