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… but their jaws dropped, when the chips started to jump magically from hand to hand!Imagine you areWhy sitting at a game of poker, or maybe you are just a bystander looking at a casual game of Texas Hold Em’.With permission, you pick up some chips from a stack.The onlookers can see that each chip is of a different color…and these poker chips travel magically from one hand to the next. The spectators really do see the hand empty “right before” a chip passes magically. (No, it’s not “hidden” behind the hand.)

No Gimmicks Used

You really can pick up the chips from a stack at the table.Don’t worry — that’s NOT my excuse for telling you to go out and buy your own chips. The manuscript comes complete with high-quality chips. Smooth — perfect for practice and performance.Use the chips provided, your own chips, or chips right from the table of your “Wednesday-Night Poker Game.”

Why am I Selling a Lee Asher Trick?

Have you noticed that I don’t sell other magicians’ tricks in my ezine or from my web site?I’ll promote my own books and ebooks, but that’s about it.You don’t want or need a bunch of sales pitches. You are already exposed to too much advertising in your life, as it is. Wouldn’t you agree?This effect is different. Lee Asher’s Three Stylin’ is different. Here’s why:

  • I helped write the manuscript.
  • It has become one of my “pet” effects. I want to share it with you.
  • This magic routine blew “me” away. You need to know about this.
  • Did I mention that the chips are regular? (no gimmicks!)


“I am 48 years old. I started magic when I was seven. In that time, I have learned a lot, and I do mean a lot of magic. “Three Stylin’ has become one of the routines I use to fool magicians.”



Limited Quantities of Three Stylin’

This is NOT an ebook. You can’t download it to your computer. I have to send it to you by post.And I only have a very limited number of copies and chips.If you are ready to fool everyone with a killer routine, that plays big (stand up or close up), is fairly easy to learn, and will demonstrate that your fingers really do have magical skill … dexterity beyond belief, then you have to grab a copy of Three Stylin’ now.And yes, feel free to email me with questions. As I said, I love this magic routine!

Only $25