Magicians Need to
Tiptoe, Too!

As a magician, you have to frequent lots of places. Some places aren’t very safe.

The back of a night club, late after a showParking lots of theaters and auditoriums

Airports, train stations, and bus stations

 We are living in dangerous times. The world is not as safe as it once was. So, you need to take steps, to keep yourself safe.

“Nobody touch the magician!”


One of the Easiest Ways to Learn

Indirect teaching is one of the best ways to learn. Educational study after educational study proves this.A story or parable is a potent way to introduce your brain to new concepts. It’s indirect learning at its finest.

Imagine yourself reading a fun story that is filled with useful principles. Principles that will help you, as a magician, move more confidently through life. Now, how important is that to you?

I am not asking you to enroll in the nearest self defense course … at least not yet (kidding).

Realizing that you need to raise your awareness level is a first step to being safer. You need to notice danger or potentially dangerous situations before they happen. “Tiptoeing to Tranquility” will teach you to recognize bad situations even before they develop.

Your radar will be “on” even while you are performing … especially while you are performing.

And remember, you gain these new skills almost automatically … with indirect teaching. Just read the story.


Two Extra Benefits Important to Magicians

Of course, this book’s biggest benefit is that it will teach you to be safer and move more confidently through life.Two other benefits, that are important to magicians is that you discover a couple of powerful ways to make all of you practice meaningful and interesting. No more dying of boredom practicing the truly boring magic stuff.

I am sure you’d agree that making your practice sessions more exciting would be woith the price of the book.

You’ll even learn to make doing the dishes and changing a flat tire tolerable tasks. Guaranteed!

The other benefit is that magicians get a few lessons in the right way to get excellent service at a restaurant, bar, night club, or any place where people are serving you.

I see so many magicians mess this up. They think they are being classy when they throw around big tips and overuse the waitresses name. Ugh. (Will they never learn?)

After you read Tiptoeing to Tranquility, you’ll see how easy it is to get good treatment, and how most magicians lack the class and knowledge to do it correctly.

As I said, you’ll be different (better), once you apply just a few principles from Tiptoeing to Tranquility.


Only Available to a Few, now

Tiptoeing to Tranquility will hit the bookstores in the Fall of 2006. The masses will have to wait to read this parable.Luckily, you can grab a copy now, for only $12.95 (plus $4 postage anywhere).

And of course, I’d be happy to sign your copy, autograph it to you or someone else, or leave it blank. Just let me know, when you order your book (or email me afterwards).

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