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Coin Snatching Inteview with Kip Pascal …

Ezine: What is coin snatching?

Kip: Coin snatching is any effect that involves “speed grabbing” a coin from a participant’s hand before he or she can close the hand.

Ezine: I noticed that you sometimes call it coin switching. Is there a difference?

Kip: Yes, there is. Switching is just as it implies — you leave a different coin in place of the first one.

Ezine: Isn’t a switch bordering on the impossible?

Kip: You’d think. 🙂 Actually, with the effects in the book, I guarantee that you will be able to speed switch a coin in a volunteer’s hand. That’s a real guarantee.

Ezine: Did you invent coin snatching?

Kip: I will take credit for some of the effects in the book (and all of the routines, advice, and presentations), but I can’t take credit for being the first coin snatcher. In fact, it’s over 100 years old. And I am NOT 100 years old … no matter what my daughter thinks.

Ezine: You said there were different routines and methods in the book. Do they involve gimmicks?

Kip: No gimmicks. And as for different routines, yes, you’ll find a variety, including the Upside-Down, Impossible Coin Snatch.

Ezine: That sounds difficult.

Kip: Actually, it’s one of the easiest to perfect … and very baffling. In fact, you’ll be able to fool someone with your presentation 5 minutes after reading the explanation. (OK, maybe 10 minutes.)

Ezine: Is this a book for magicians or martial artists?

Kip: Yes … or “Both.” Coin Snatching is coin snatching, no matter who performs the effect. There are chapters specifically for magicians, but there are also chapters geared towards martial artists.

Ezine: Is this a real skill? I thought it was just “a trick.”

Kip: Can I answer “sort of” on that last question? It is a trick, but there are some very good principles of efficient movement to be learned. It’s a great starting point for martial artists to develop speed, eliminate unwanted telegraphs, and so forth.

Ezine: So, is it more of a “stunt” for magicians?

Kip: Well, you could present it as a magical change in a spectator’s hand, and some magicians do. But I think it should be presented as a skill … almost as a byproduct of being a magician with fast hands.

Ezine: Nice.

Kip: I agree.

Ezine: For a last question, and keeping in mind that you are biased as the author, what’s your favorite chapter, trick, or part of Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder?

Kip: That’s easy. The clue is in the title. Also, we just touched on the subject by advising folks to perform it as a skill.

Ezine: Go on.

Kip: I love all of the advice on actually building your reputation. This goes way beyond simple coin snatching. Generalize the skill. The methods are so subtle, and don’t cost a thing to employ. It’s all about presentation.