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What is Coin Snatching?

Long before people were competing at snatching a stack of coins balanced on their elbows, there were magicians (and a few martial artists) who were speed ‘stealing’ a coin from a participant’s hand.In fact, not only can you steal a coin from someone’s hand before he (or she) can close it, but you have time to leave a different coin in its place.

And that, in a nutshell, is what coin snatching is all about.

Why Have a Web Site Devoted to Coin Snatching?

Good question.

Frankly, this site revolves around the hardback book, Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder. Owners of the book use this site as an additional resource.

Also, some people prefer to buy Coin Snatching directly from the author (for the ebonuses I offer, an autographed or signed copy, and so on).

There is so much more to coin snatching than description that you’ll find on the Net. (By the way, if you get frustrated with the Net method, it’s because their timing of the move isn’t right. Oh well.)

This is also a way for you to contact me with questions and comments. I am willing to discuss everything from reputation building to the various switches and snatches like The Rochester Switch, Kip’s Take, or The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Snatch.

Let’s explore coin snatching together,

Keith (Kip) Pascal

PS When you email me, let me know if you are a magician, martial artist, juggler, bartender, or just someone interested in this impressive feat.