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Here are some considerations, if you are a bartender who wants your customers to do a little bragging for you:

  • Choose the best recipient of the customer compliments. If you have a jealous and resentful assistant manager, then maybe compliments should only be directed to the manager ... or the owner. On the other hand, maybe the owner doesn't deal with daily operations and doesn't care to know employees by name. Even special bartenders.
  • Sheer numbers is not always better. Don't send everyone who pays you a compliment over to share the kind words with the manager. If she gets approached by hundreds of customers, the whole process of accepting the kudos could get tiresome.
  • Choose important clients and regulars to share the praise. Your boss should recognize the importance of keeping the regulars happy. And if someone important, a V.I.P. or celebrity, frequents the establishment, then a kind word whispered about you could go a long way.
  • Don't expect your clients to rush over to the management, gushing with compliments about you....


Customers Needed Coaxing

First, you need to impress your customer.

It goes without saying that you should be able to pour a first-rate drink. And yes, the accessories count. Use your garnishes to your advantage.

Next, have a good personality. Don't annoy the customer.

Be a good listener, if that's to be your role. Entertain the more lively. Provide good conversation, when it's needed.

Finally, before you point your customer toward the manager, have some tricks up your sleeve. Know how to flourish on the pour, know a magic trick or two, be able to coin snatch ... do something to glean praise.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about ...

The Most Wanted Compliment

After you perform the Upside-Down Impossible Coin Snatch, your customer goes on and on about how cool you are and how lucky the establishment is to have an employee like you.

NOW is the time to subtly drop the hint that those are kind words, and that it would really help you out if your boss could hear the compliment.

Then you help the customer locate the manager. Make it easy.

Stay for The Compliment or Leave?

This one is up to you.

Some people boldly want to stay, so they can meet the gaze of their employer upon hearing the compliment.

It's as if to mentally project, "There is no missing this praise. I am here. You are here. And we are both hearing it at the same time. Got it?"

For me, this is too bold of an action.

I prefer to play it more on the humble side.

I quickly make the introduction and then make my exit.

  • I think having them talk behind my back,. so to speak, enhances my reputation.
  • My absence lends validity to the compliment. The customer isn't uttering the words for my active benefit. The feeling is that the customer can be more truthful, since I am not there.
  • If I am not there, then it forces the manager to come and find me, to relay the compliment.
    (This happened a lot when I worked in hotels, when I was younger.)


Last Thought

Remember your manners. Be sure to thank the customer for making extra effort on your behalf.

Be specific with your thanks.

Don't just say, thanks.

Thank them for the nice thoughts expressed to the management. And when your manager finds you, to relay the compliment, thank her for taking the time to share.

Mention that it means a lot to you to hear praise. It lets you know that you are doing your job correctly.

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