Magicians Coin Snatch

Magicians have taken coin snatching to a new level. Talk about squeezing the most out of a stunt!


This book really is as much about Building Your Reputation as Coin Snatching.

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Coin Magic: When Small Coins Are Better. You'd think that a bigger coin would be a better choice for performing, but this isn't always the case. Read about when exactly you should use a smaller coin in coin snatching. Read the Magic Article

Articles for Magicians

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    Yes, most magic shops have vanished from sight, to be replaced with online selling. Still, if you’re wondering how to ferret out good magic stores, then read this article. Finding Good Magic Shops

  • Magic Shops: Getting The Most From Yours

    Do you have a favorite magic shop? Here’s how to get the most out of your magic shop visit. Get the Most from Your Local Magic Shop

  • Quick Tip: Cold Hands

    Here’s a tip when you have to coin snatch with cold hands. The temperature of your digits really does affect the effectiveness of your grab. Cold Hands and Coin Snatching

Improve Your Magic Now

  • Coin Trick Tip

    Contrary to an earlier article on this page, this is when you should employ a BIGGER coin into your coin snatching routine. Really. Coin Trick Tip

  • Do You Want to Be a Cheap or Classy Magician?

    The choice really is yours, and how much you get paid for your performances really will depend on it. Cheap or Classy Magician

  • Do You Use a Knife in Your Magic Act or Routines?

    This is an important article for you, especially in these dangerous times. If you carry a knife … read these tips! Magicians Who Carry a Knife

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Coin Snatcher Lives to 102

John Calvert was a magician who lived to 102 years old. He was famous for a special Coin Snatch variation. It was truly amazing. Read how got permission to publish his trick as a bonus in the Coin Snatching book. Read about John Calvert and Coin Snatching.

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