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Whether you want bigger tips, or just want to entertain your patrons,

Coin Snatching will definitely build your reputation!


Are you a bartender? Would you like to develop lightning-fast punches? Then Coin Snatching is the book for you ...

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Bigger Tips for Bartenders?

Admittedly, you need the "time" to build your tip, and if you are serving "cattle" at a breakneck pace, it can be nearly impossible.

But if you have the time ... (Read the Article)

Articles for Bartenders

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    Yes, most magic shops have vanished from sight, to be replaced with online selling. Still, if you’re wondering how to ferret out good magic stores, then read this article. Bartenders HOw to Pour the Perfect Shot …

  • The Efficiency Pour for Bartenders

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  • Bartending's Lost Skill

    This is a skill that only the best and well-seasoned bartenders seem to possess these days. With just a little practice, you can master this truly important, non-drink, bartending necessity. The Bartender’s Lost Skill …

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