Coin Snatching Interview
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Author Answers Questions

by Keith Pascal

Coin Snatching Interview with Kip Pascal ...

Ezine: What is coin snatching?


Kip: Coin snatching is any effect that involves "speed grabbing" a coin from a participant's hand before he or she can close the hand.

Ezine: I noticed that you sometimes call it coin switching. Is there a difference?

Kip: Yes, there is. Switching is just as it implies -- you leave a different coin in place of the first one.

Ezine: Isn't a switch bordering on the impossible?

Kip: You'd think. 🙂 Actually, with the effects in the book, I guarantee that you will be able to speed switch a coin in a volunteer's hand. That's a real guarantee.

Ezine: Did you invent coin snatching?

Kip: I will take credit for some of the effects in the book (and all of the routines, advice, and presentations), but I can't take credit for being the first coin snatcher. In fact, it's over 100 years old. And I am NOT 100 years old ... no matter what my daughter thinks.

Ezine: You said there were different routines and methods in the book. Do they involve gimmicks?


Kip: No gimmicks. And as for different routines, yes, you'll find a variety, including the Upside-Down, Impossible Coin Snatch.  =>

Ezine: That sounds difficult.

Kip: Actually, it's one of the easiest to perfect ... and very baffling. In fact, you'll be able to fool someone with your presentation 5 minutes after reading the explanation. (OK, maybe 10 minutes.)

Ezine: Is this a book for magicians or martial artists?

Kip: Yes ... or "Both." Coin Snatching is coin snatching, no matter who performs the effect. There are chapters specifically for magicians, but there are also chapters geared towards martial artists.

Ezine: Is this a real skill? I thought it was just "a trick."

Kip: Can I answer "sort of" on that last question? It is a trick, but there are some very good principles of efficient movement to be learned. It's a great starting point for martial artists to develop speed, eliminate unwanted telegraphs, and so forth.

Ezine: So, is it more of a "stunt" for magicians?

Kip: Well, you could present it as a magical change in a spectator's hand, and some magicians do. But I think it should be presented as a skill ... almost as a byproduct of being a magician with fast hands.

Ezine: Nice.

Kip: I agree.

Ezine: For a last question, and keeping in mind that you are biased as the author, what's your favorite chapter, trick, or part of Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder?

Kip: That's easy. The clue is in the title. Also, we just touched on the subject by advising folks to perform it as a skill.

Ezine: Go on.

Kip: I love all of the advice on actually building your reputation. This goes way beyond simple coin snatching. Generalize the skill. The methods are so subtle, and don't cost a thing to employ. It's all about presentation.



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