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Coin Snatching Is Easier for Martial Artists

An Amazing Stunt for Martial Artists

"There is no stronger moment than when something magical apparently happens in your own hand.

"Kip Pascal's new book is full of in the hand astonishment."

-- Nathan W. Kranzo, professional magician and creator/producer of many fine magic tricks and videos

    All the variations collected into one book: Coin Snatching reveals all the methods of these feats of supposedly super-human speed and dexterity.

    Whether you are a beginning martial artist or an accomplished black belt, this book will show you a variety of methods to speed snatch a coin from another's hand.

    And it gets better ... you'll also discover the secret methods for switching one coin for another in your opponent's (participant's) hand. The switch actually takes no extra time; it's as fast as a simple grab. (You involve one extra muscle in your hand; that's all.)

    With every method and effect in this book, you'll be able to speed grab a coin in someone's hand before they can close it into a fist.

    “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

    – Bruce Lee

    What If I Could Really and Truly Make Your Martial Arts Moves Faster?

    Yes, yes ... the stunt of speed switching a coin in someone's hand is all-by-itself amazing, but this book offers more.

    There are several chapters devoted to martial artists getting ever faster with their techniques. You really can apply the sudden motion of snatching a coin to your ... punches, eye jabs, and more.

    • You learn great techniques for an amazing stunt
    • Your martial arts techniques will get faster
    • You'll be able to sibtly build your reputation among your peers

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    This Is The Only Place to Find These Collected Coin Snatches

    In Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder, you'll discover the best coin snatches and switches:

    • The Beginner's Grab -- start with this move. It's easy to learn, and it builds a important foundation for two impressive switches, later.
    • The Rochester Switch -- This will be your first switch of one coin for another in the participant's hand. This is a favorite of some of my students.
    • Kip's Take -- This is the cleanest effect in the book. No fuss, no muss -- just a clean speed-switch of one coin for another. Very impressive.
    • The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Grab -- You present several components that make this effect seemingly impossible (you'll master it within 5 minutes after reading it).
    • The Upside-Down Impossible Coin Switch -- This used to be theory -- now, it's a doable effect. Show your hand empty before you make the impossible switch. (I'll send you an ebonus on how to make this trick practical. More about the ebonuses in a minute.)
    • Lee Asher Variation -- Some people find it easier to perform Kip's Take with a different hand orientation. Lee explains a clean way to make a switch.
    • The Cheap Shot -- You could reserve this one for obnoxious participants. I think it's better not to -- instead, just play it safe by knowing the move, so others don't try it on you!

    Never Before Explained:

    From the Postage-Stamp Magician

    ... this is GREAT for martial artists, too!!!

    Imagine a coin snatch from a handful of change ... with a big surprise for an ending!

    John Calvert was one of the classic, elegant magicians. And he lived to be over 100 years old, and was still performing in his 90s. No kidding.

    This man was so good, so powerful of a performer, that they made a postage stamp of him in the United Kingdom. (What an honor!)

    For many many years, Mr. Calvert had a pet coin switch. As mentioned before, it involved a handful of change. What was even better was, you allowed the volunteer to choose a coin.

    And the surprise ending was/is a fooler.

    With Mr. Calvert's permission, you'll learn the way he accomplished this total baffler....

    The bonus chapter devoted to his handful variation really is one of those "worth the price of the book" effects.


    "Calvert's Claw -- In the early 2000s, John Calvert was possibly the oldest professional magician still making the circuit with a strong magic act.

    "In his 90s, Mr. Calvert graciously allowed Kip Pascal to describe and publish his routine where he fooled the participant by doing the opposite of what he claimed. Instead of stealing one called for coin from a handful ..."


    A Second Bonus Chapter for Creative Crowd Pleasers

    This bonus effect works wonders, if you have a crowd of martial artists gathered around. You'll need to practice this one, but you'll amaze a group, all in one shot.

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    In most coin-snatching effects, the coin is placed in someone's hand, which makes it a presentation for a small audience. After all, if you can't see the coin, there is no visual amazement.

    After a Conversation with Justin Hanes, (bonus chapter #2), you'll want to try this coin switch that can be performed in front of a bigger crowd.

    Street performers will have a new routine ... that nobody else is performing.

    It involves two spectators ... at the same time!

    And remember, professional magician from England, Darren Brown, performs a great routine for a large audience ... and he makes it work.


    Order Now, and Receive the Following New eBonuses

    If you order now, I'll include some pdf files in addition to the two included bonus chapters just mentioned. (I'll email you a download page.)

    These ebonuses revolve around the coin-snatching theme. Whether used as an example, or simply referred to, all will help you improve.

    Plus ...

    Coin Snatching autographed to you -- Have your hard cover copy of Coin Snatching autographed to you, to someone else (as a gift), just signed, or left blank. Let me know.


    Only $29.95 (+ postage and handling)

    -- with a Money-Back Guarantee

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    money back logo

    90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    Look, my father invented the phrase, “The secret’s told, when the trick is sold.”

    We used it in our family-run magic shop in the 70s and early 80s. It meant that you had to buy the trick, in order to find out the secret.

    And the rule in all magic shops and on-line companies is that once you discover the secret, there is never a refund. Period.

    Well, I am so confident that you’ll want to add this book to your magic collection, that I am willing to offer you a satisfaction guarantee — for 90 Days!

    Bruce Lee had over 2,000 books in his magic library. I'm sure, if this book had existed back then, it would have been a must for him.

    He was obsessed with making his punches faster, and ...

    He loved coin snatching!

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