Coin Snatching Book for Bartenders
Build Your Reputation and Get More Tips ...

Speed-Grab a Coin From a Customer's Hand

Not Just Another Bartender ...

Face it, this is becoming a crowded world, where individuals become invisible to the masses. It's no wonder that often last week's bartender is all but forgotten by the current server of the week.

No big deal, right?


Bartenders develop relationships; they accumulate regulars, and they also build "a friendship for an hour or three."

And whether developing a clientele over time or serving someone who may never come this way again, the amount they spend and their tips will increase, if you have "the right personality."

What's the Right Personality for a Bartender?

It's not being a braggart, or being too full of yourself.

Yet, the customer still wants to rub elbows with someone special, maybe even a "little larger than life."

A little fame goes a long way.


One way to avoid bragging is to allow someone to build your reputation for you.

Think subtle!

And that's what the book Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder is all about.

The reputation-building advice will help you as a bartender, guaranteed.

But Why a Book About Coin Snatching (and Switching)?

Putting a coin in someone's hand and then being able to speed grab it before they can close their hand into a fist is ... well ... impressive. If nothing else, it shows that you have quick reflexes.

However ... SWITCHING a coin for another in someone's hand, before they can close their hand into a fist seems to border on the impossible.

Both effects are perfect to get others to "talk you up," and to make everyone have a good time, and possibly be freer with their money, at the bar, and with the tips.

You Don't NEED Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder

Let me be frank with you: there exist plenty of stunts, tricks, and little entertainments that you should be using as a first-rate bartender. (You know this already.)

You could perform close-up magic, do bottle and glass flourishes as you prepare their concoctions, and even engage in humorous bar bets.

You don't "need" Coin Snatching.

If you know how to build your reputation in a classy and not baggy way, then you don't even need the book, Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder.

On the other hand, one of the books best benefits is that the principles of reputation building can be applied to all your bar "stunts" and jokes.


This book comes with a 30 Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. You will be able to speed snatch (and switch) a coin out of someone's hand ... to your satisfaction, or you get a refund.

The guarantee is there, but you won't need to use it ...


You'll be doing the Upside-Down Impossible Coin Snatch five minutes after reading the instructions.

It will take a bit more practice to learn to switch the coins in someone's hand with the Rochester Switch or Kip's Take, but I'll be there to guide you through the process with all of my tips and tricks.

And as a side benefit, if you know any self-defense (martial arts), the speed of your punches will also improve. (There are even chapters in the book devoted to this.)



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