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Not only is Coin Snatching an amazing feat, but there are sections on transferring this super speed to your punches. No kidding!

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New Article: Whether you're into coin snatching or want to develop fast martial arts techniques, you have to learn to eliminate your telegraphing.

This article will get you started on the path to super-fast martial arts moves.

Eliminate Telegraphing For Martial Artists

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  • Cold Hands Problem

    Article Coming Soon. Until then … check out the cold hands article in the magicians section. You’ll find a useful tip or two. 😉

  • Mind Your Punches

    Add a “little thought” to greatly improve your punches. Use this creative method to make your punches absolutely devastating! Punch Energy from a Thought

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  • Not a Natural Athlete

    If you’re not a natural athlete and want to excel as a martial artist, then you have to employ different methods. Read this article, to learn how you’ll do it differently. Non-Athlete Martial Artist

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The Martial-Arts/Coin-Snatching Connection

Martial arts and coin snatching make the perfect match. Your reputation as a skilled ... and very fast martial artist is guaranteed.

Do you remember Bloodsport with the coin switch?

Have you heard of the tales of Bruce Lee switching coins on the set of Enter the Dragon?

Well, it really is possible.

Coin Snatching: The Reputation Builder for Martial Artists!

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