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Bartenders: The Perfect Shot

by Keith Pascal

Of all the skills I learned in my bartending classes, probably the most useful was the ability to pour a perfect shot, every time. This one skill has impressed more people than all of the umbrellas and citrus garnishes that I have ever loaded into a drink.

People are wowed.


They especially like that the size of the glass doesn't matter. I am not guessing by looking at liquid levels.

In fact, I don't look at the glass at all, when I am pouring. It's peripheral glance only.

Pouring The Perfect Shot -- Step One

The key to hitting that one ounce mark right on the button every single time starts with getting a bunch of pour spouts for your bottles. I like the inexpensive plastic spouts. They all control the flow with the same-sized "valve." So, get yourself a few spouts, and load them onto bottles of water.

Practice The Measured Shot

If you want to pour a perfect shot like a professional, you have to learn the "magic, measured count." What you want to practice is pouring liquid from a bottle, through your plastic pour spout, into a shot ... to a count of three. As you tip the bottle to start the pour, you start counting. Practice timing it, so that you pace the pour. You want the liquid to touch the measured line, exactly as you reach the number three in your head. And then you straighten the bottle to an upright position. Practice for consistency. You want to start hitting that line every time as you mentally say, "Three." One-Two-Three -Up. (Stop the pour.)

The Perfect Pour -- Taking Away the Safety Net

A line on a glass really is a crutch. You need to shed that safety net as soon as possible. Start practicing with glasses of all different sizes ... hi-balls, collins, champagne glasses, even water glasses. Learn to trust the count. Learn to pour without looking .... "three and up!"

The Next Step

You are almost there. There is one more step to turning your one-shot pouring skill into a professional tool. Interested? Read how to perform Efficiency Pouring ...

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