Jugglers Use Coin Snatching ...

as a stunt in smaller spaces, to build their reputations, and to improve their hand-eye coordination.


Jugglers easily perfect snatching even switching a coin!

Article of the Month

Build a Better Juggling Routine: No Boring Juggling Allowed

Grab any of your juggling routines, apply these three steps, and make your routine much stronger ... and definitely entertaining. Warning ... it's oging to take some work to craft these kids of stories. Jugglers Storytelling Tweaks

No Boring Juggling Allowed!

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    and what to do when you drop. Develop more confidence when performing, and learn how dropping in front of an audience can actually be good. Juggler’s Confidence


  • Magic Shops: A Juggler's Resource

    Magic shops seem to be going the way of the dinosaur, but the few that remain can offer a lot to jugglers…. Magic Shops for Jugglers

  • Are You a Bartender AND a Juggler?

    Being able to pour the perfect shot is a juggling feat unto itself.

    Are you ready to add this skill to your repertoire?

    Pouring the Perfect Shot

  • Tips For Storytelling While Juggling

    (Article of the Month) There are right ways and wrong ways to to add stories to your juggling patter. Use these tips to make your storytelling “make sense” to your audience. Jugglers Storytelling

3 Red Hot Juggling Articles:

  • Juggle Balls and Bags

    Choosing just the right size and weight for your hands, and why variety can pay off in a big way.

  • NEW Juggle Trick with 3 Balls

    If you’ve never interrupted your rhythm mid-beat then this article is for you. Combine several techniques into your own creative moves. Broken Rhythm Pattern in Juggling

  • How to Perfect "The Other" Coin Snatching

    Many think that coin snatching is popping coins off your elbow. Since you’re a juggler, why disappoint? This feat will be easy for you to learn and perfect. And it’s fun.

  • Kip's Presentation for Broken Rhythm Juggling

    Did you learn the Broken Rhythm Juggling Pattern from the earlier article? Now, it’s time to add some pzazz to your routine. Kip’s Broken Rhythm Juggling Presentation Tips

Add Magic to Your Juggling Routines

Even if you think you're a "juggler of the purest form," I'd like to try to convince you to add a few magic elements to your juggling act. Let me explain why ...

Add Magic to Your Juggling

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