Try this Quick Tip for Instance Improvement

My Coin Is Bigger Than Your Coin


by Keith Pascal

Here's a quick tip for instantly improving your coin trick presentations ...Use bigger coins.

It's that simple.

Now, here's what I am talking about ....


Let's say, for example, that you love Three Fly routines. You practice your heart out ... with U.S. quarters (or similar-sized coins).

Down At the Local Magic Shop ...

One day, you are ready to present your coin trick down at the local magic club. You smoothly send coins from one hand to the other by pure magic. First one coin, then the second. And finally, the last coin.

The other magicians recognize the time and effort you have put into perfecting your coin routine.

The next couple of magician perform card tricks.

Then another magician gets up to perform his version of the Coins Across -- at the fingertips. It's almost the same routine as yours ... with one exception.

This guy is performing his trick with half-dollar sized coins. HIs coins are bigger thasn yours.

This one difference ... makes all of the difference!

His coin trick is more visual. The vanishes seem impossible. The glint of the coin almost turns the transportation effect into a retention vanish. Yes, very visual.


Make Your Coin Trick Better

Now, that you know this tip, you can be the one with the bigger coin ... and the more impressive coin trick. The best coin routine.When all other variables are the same (patter, cleanliness of routine, smooth performance, etc.), then a bigger coin will define you as the better magician -- just about every time.



So, what do you do if the other magician already uses half-dollar sized coins?The answer is easy. Use even biggerr coins.

And if the other magician uses dollar-sized coins?

Add color!

Do your Three-Fly type routine with poker chips. And make sure your routine is the cleanest, most vivually impressive routine possible.


If you're looking for a great rouitne, I'd like to suggest a trick that I helped write. (The routine is pure Lee Asher. I just helped him put the trick into words on the paper.) Lee Asher's Three Stylin' is by far the best of the poker chip routines.And it is a super clean Coins Across at the fingertips as well. (No, I don't get a dime for recommending Lee's effect.)

Even if you aren't in any sort of competition with other magicians, you still owe it to yourself to give yourself every advantage in your coin trick presentations. Use size, color -- whatever it takes to give your audience some decent "eye candy."

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